Religious tourism in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Pintér Anna Rita (2014) Religious tourism in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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This research investigates the differences in pilgrimage tour organization to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, from European and Arab countries through the examples of Hungary and the United Arab Emirates. As Islam is a fastly growing religion and pilgrimage is one of its main pillars performed by millions of people each year, a complex tourism system is needed to achieve a smooth and efficient flow of people and provide the necessary services to them. On the other hand there are differences in travel planning procedures, rules and the prices of pilgrimage in the different countries. People who have already participated on pilgrimage and are living in one of the above mentioned two countries, were asked about how they planned and carried out their pilgrimage and what travel companies and/or religious organizations were to their assistance. Interviews were made with those living in Hungary and questionnaires were sent to pilgrims in the United Arab Emirates to discover the main differences. As a result of the research it turned out that the existence of these travel companies and services, thus the differences in travel organization does not depend on religious reasons, which means that the ratio of Muslim population in a country does not influence it. Despite the fact that Muslims are in minority in most of the European countries, in some of them licensed travel companies are operating, providing pilgrimage tours to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The predicted increase in Muslim population of Europe might have an impact on the demand for travel companies and pilgrimage related services in the future.

Hungarian title

Vallási turizmus Mekkában, Szaúd-Arábiában

English title

Religious tourism in Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Budapest Business School


Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism


Turizmus Intézeti Tanszék




Turizmus - Vendéglátás (angol nyelven)


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Uncontrolled Keywords: religious, tourism, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, pilgrimage
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