Critical analysis and development of the current online marketing strategy of Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel****

Varga Zsófia (2014) Critical analysis and development of the current online marketing strategy of Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel****. Kereskedelmi, Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Kar.

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Internet is the biggest and most important marketing communication surface nowadays. As online contents are accessible right at the moment of publication for everyone, an incredibly large amount of information can be published anytime, which gets available worldwide. Furthermore the publisher can choose the target group of their advertisement based on extremely detailed criteria: interests, age, sex, but – with the help of search engine robots – even the online habits of the customers. As Internet became a part of people’s everyday life, online appearance is indispensable for the success of a business. In my dissertation I have introduced the online marketing strategy through a concrete case: as there is a 49-room 4-star wellness hotel under the ownership and management of my family, opened in January 2007, this topic affects me personally. In the first part of my dissertation I described all the necessary definitions and concepts of marketing and the tourism distribution process in order to create a base for my study. Furthermore I have introduced the Hotel and its surroundings, as well as their currently applied online marketing strategy, and had defined my concrete aims and methods of investigations. The main goal was to create a new marketing plan for the Hotel for 2015, and a market-repositioning among competitors. I have prepared an interview with the Senior Marketing Manager of Ramada Resort – Aquaworld Budapest in order to go through the main steps of planning an effective marketing strategy. I have also made competitor analyses based on the market segments and the currently applied online marketing tools as well. I have defined 2 hypotheses: H1 - The official website of Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel**** is not up-to-date enough. H2 - The hotel’s management still does not utilize perfectly the opportunities of online marketing. With the help of my researches and investigations I could draw the following conclusions: H1 – The website of the Hotel is modern, user-friendly and informative among the competitors, however the message of the website needs to be revised. The second hypothesis (H2) could be accepted, as the online appearance provides unlimited opportunities of advertising and communicating, but the management of Jankovich Hotel still needs to apply new marketing communication channels (e.g. video sharing) in order to reach the targeted guest segments as well as their revenue goals. At the final part of my dissertation I was able to define recommendations for an updated marketing strategy for the year 2015, with all the important steps to be taken. I have made action programs and financial plan of the marketing communication strategy, which will help the management achieving their short- and long-term goals in terms of reaching their target customers and be more effective regarding their advertising strategy.

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A Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel**** online marketing stratégiájának kritikus elemzése és fejlesztése

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Critical analysis and development of the current online marketing strategy of Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel****


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Kereskedelmi, Vendéglátóipari és Idegenforgalmi Kar


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Kulcsszavak: online marketing tools, distribution channels, Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel****, marketing strategy, marketing mix
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