The revolutionary changes, its dimensions, and the challenges in the rights of Saudi women after 2011

ALSHAMI HUDA (2018) The revolutionary changes, its dimensions, and the challenges in the rights of Saudi women after 2011. Faculty of International Management and Business.

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Access to a level of equality between men and women in rights and duties remains difficult to achieve, especially in Saudi Arabia. After years of relative calm in the Arab arena for many years, 2011 came in a kind of transformations in the criteria of power and power struggles and attempts of different types (armed and peaceful) to demand changes and the resulting external and regional interventions and the role of the great powers and political Islam in the changes. Where communities in the Arab region of the Middle East and North Africa face different paths of change and in this research, we will talk about a batch of changes aimed at Saudi women, those women who had a share in the claims and protests in the rights and freedoms, rose after 2011. This study came to reveal what is happening on the land of the Kingdom, the cradle of Islam, the first and opinions about these changes in all its forms, pro and opposition. The issue described by the research is a real-time issue of changing events and dimensions. Several parties play key roles in change. Women cannot get out of the circle of the local community base as influencing factors, also from external international actors who play an important role in determining the fate of women in the KSA. The voice of the hidden woman in Saudi Arabia, my first desire is to reach the real woman's opinion so far as it is in the reality not only what have been said in the social media and to understand the demands of the Saudi woman in fact. Understanding women's achievements obstacles, and challenges which cannot be talked about publicly, and here I am talking about the ordinary woman, not the class of the princesses of Saudi Arabia and not the owner of funds and business, but every woman thirsty to coexistence of daily living conditions and suffer from a lack of rights, finally access to solutions that can be applied. This research is the result of a research effort that took 6 months, in order to understand the current women situation, it is necessary to divide the search into four chapters, in the first chapter I am going to talk about the complexities in the structure of Saudi society, so the start will be with the facts to know what the Saudi society and its specificities are. These facts include the dualism of Islam and the bilateral law that has been associated for decades, the tribe system, the issue of virginity, foreign labor and the mixing of cultures, in addition to the sanctity of the Haram al-Makki and the Madinah that represent an important religious symbol. Here, after understanding the most important characteristics of social existence, we can follow up on the challenges faced by every woman in the Kingdom from domestic violence,

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The revolutionary changes, its dimensions, and the challenges in the rights of Saudi women after 2011


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