Rebranding of a restaurant through the example of Villám Food Bar

Hevér Kitti (2018) Rebranding of a restaurant through the example of Villám Food Bar. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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For restaurants it is not always enough to have loyal customers. They can change their mind about our product or move to a different city or simply engage with our competitors. A successful restaurant needs to keep track of its potential customers and also create the environment to have potentials and remain relevant for its existing ones. New potential customers are on the market now, like Millennials and Generation Z, especially for Gen Z it is important to know what they consume, all the ingredients, how healthy the food is, diversity now is a key point when they choose where to eat. Diversity as in the ingredients and also ethnically. They consider themselves as a brand therefore the restaurant needs to fit in their image. The market is changing and developing, there are new, advanced techniques over the times. Trends and style is changing and old design sometimes just not fit into our new idea about our restaurant. Market competitiveness is increasing more and more. New tools are available to measure how popular the restaurant is, how popular are our competitors. Restaurants can now easily compare themselves to their competitors and take the right steps to outgrow them. More and more platforms are available to be used for marketing and advertising our products and services and it is easy now to learn how to use these tools properly and maximize their effects. Prices, expenses, revenue, all of these are changing over the time and steps are needed to be taken to keep up our restaurant. All the above and many more can be the first factors which leads a restaurant to serious changes like rebranding.

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Rebranding of a restaurant through the example of Villám Food Bar


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