Youth and Tourism Industry: Analyzing Emerging Trends and Their Business Implications in Indonesia

Alexander Julio (2020) Youth and Tourism Industry: Analyzing Emerging Trends and Their Business Implications in Indonesia. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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Millennials and Generation Z are not only important for their present impact on tourism, they are also the tourists of the future. If the tourism sector wants to prepare for the future by designing relevant products and services, it has to take this generational change into account. Just like the youth tourist of today, the middle-aged tourist in the 2020s and 2030s will have completely different needs, wants, and travel behavior than today’s middle-aged tourist. All these considerations point to the importance of studying these target groups and identifying different variables of their tourism behavior, and the contribution they give to businesses in tourism industry. This research aims to analyze the favored tourist practices of Indonesian Millennials and Generation Z in every step of decision journey. From these information, this research summarizes the emerging travel needs of young Indonesians and analyze the business implications that arise from these trends. The main framework that is incorporated in this research is Google’s 5 Stages of Travel, which are dreaming stage, planning stage, booking stage, experiencing stage, and sharing stage. This framework is then translated into a set of questionnaire which was distributed online. Random sampling was used to gather participants. At the end of data collection, this research managed to collect 200 responses consisting of 100 Indonesian millennials and 100 Gen Z. For data processing, this research employs cross-tabulation to process the raw data using pivot tables. The results find that the common characteristics and travel behavior of Indonesian Millennials and Gen Z drive five key tourism trends in the country, namely experiential tourism, off-the-beaten-track tourism, responsible tourism, fully digital tourism, and personalized tourism. These five trends represent some of the key ways in which young travelers re-shape supply and demand in the tourism industry. Finally, this research suggests some business recommendations for companies in tourism sector, such as tour operators, destination management companies, transportation services, and hotels.


Budapest Business University


Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism


Turizmus Tanszék






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