Online Communication techniques and strategies for increasing sales from the Social Media

Al-Hajjar Ahmed Farah (2020) Online Communication techniques and strategies for increasing sales from the Social Media. Faculty of Commerce, Catering and Tourism.

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The principal aim of this research paper is to have a deeper view that how the Hungarian businesses use social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook as a new renovation for their firms. There will be a special focus on how these firms can use these platforms with 4 different kinds of techniques to increase their sales and engagement. Further analysis should investigate the importance of the strategies and techniques with which the selected three businesses can get new customers through these platforms. Nowadays these platforms and online communication are getting more popular year by year and as time is going firms are always working on new strategies. In the research there will be included two different online platforms where I will investigate the exact results, there will be: Instagram and Facebook. Mostly I will focus on Instagram. The research will also contain comparisons about the different sites’ exact results if the comparison part is available. I am a freelancer marketer so because of this in my thesis I want to analyse three of my own clients with the exact results that we have reached together until now. They will be: Budapest City Sightseeing, they are a very big company who are offering in Budapest different city sightseeing tours with the hop on and hop off service. The second one will be: CreditHome, this company reselling the big banks and some other credit institutions loan offerings. The third one will be also a tourist company called: Eurama Sightseeing Company, they are offering different tours for its costumers but the big difference between them and the Budapest City Sightseeing is that Eurama mostly offers sightseeing tours in the countryside in Hungary. Actually, Eurama Sightseeing before the pandemic situation used to be a wholly independent company who was a competitor of the Budapest City Sightseeing because they had also many prodigious routes in Budapest but when the coronavirus came to Hungary then Budapest City Sightseeing bought the whole company in order to have fewer competitors in the market. Right now, Eurama offers mostly tours in the countryside rather than in Budapest, and City Sightseeing offers only in Budapest, but they are actually one company. The way I chose these three clients of mine, because we have been working together for more than a year, and I have tried a lot of techniques and strategies that we tested through only the social media sites. I believe that our cooperation is successful with all of them. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic situation for both of us (for me and for my clients as well), it was a really hard situation to perform well in the market especially for the tourist 5 companies. When in April the government announced the moratorium and the conditions about it suddenly, we have to stop working together with the CreditHome company because they cannot disburse online loans (Before the covid-19 they had only personal loan and debt settlement loan after June they are offering two more types of loans). With the City Sightseeing and Eurama we paused the work many times and started to work again depending on the different circumstances what the government announced during this situation for instance when they closed the borders. In my thesis, I would like to investigate the challenges which are faced by businesses, in order to become more profitable and reach more new costumers, through social media platforms with some efficient techniques and strategies. These days the costumers have become more aware of the online field especially of Instagram, people are checking everything first online. In my view nowadays having a business without focusing on online communication on social media sites is a big mistake, with these four good strategies you can easily maximize your profit by investing not that much money in marketing or advertisements. I would like to also explore inside my research about how social media platforms have changed the buying behaviour in the case of these three businesses. In order to accomplish the buying behaviour a face-to-face interview will be held with the owners of these three businesses.


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